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We’ve designed an inclusive solution by understanding report delivery, service quality, and prices as the biggest challenges to your business’s cybersecurity needs.

As A Business, You Can Subscribe To Five Services And Pay For Quality!
PenTest PRO - We Care About Your Business Budget Too! | Product Hunt

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PenTest PRO - Subscribe To Secure Your Business Now, Pay Later! | Product Hunt

PenTest PRO,
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Vulnerability Management


Compliance Audit


Application Security


DarkWeb Monitoring


Social Engineering Assessment

PenTest PRO as a Service

At Cyber Espial, we know that you want a PRO security solution for your business. In order to do that, you need the perfect partner who offers the perfect solution. The problem is that you’ve got a low budget, bad experience working with vendors and signing contracts with irrational terms, no internal security team, but great ambition, which makes you feel like spending more money to hire security engineers for assessments and audits can be beneficial. We believe businesses ought to have the perfect solution to help them with business cybersecurity by allowing them to pay for quality within their budget and define their terms for business cybersecurity.

We understand that if you hire different vendors and pay a lot of money for “working hours” but not for “quality, it won’t help your business grow securely. Unclear reports can only burden developers to implement the wrong patch; such efforts never guarantee strong security, which is why we introduced PenTest PRO.

PenTest PRO makes it easy for businesses. Instead of dealing with multiple vendors, businesses can choose PenTest PRO to manage all their cybersecurity needs. Businesses can subscribe to PenTest PRO for five services and pay later. This covers five cybersecurity services, such as vulnerability management, conducting compliance audits and structuring risk profiles, scanning app codes, assessing social engineering risks, and monitoring leaked data on the dark web. It’s like having a one-stop solution for all SaaS cybersecurity challenges.

How To Start With PenTest PRO


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Best for businesses that:

Vulnerability Management

Compliance Audit

Application Security

Dark Web Monitoring

Social Engineering Assessment

Need robust and complete security / Enterprise

Cloud, Web, API

Unlimited Audits

SAST-Source Code Scanning, Container Scanning, DAST-Run Time Vulnerabilities Scanning

Deep & Dark Web Scanning, Threat Analysis, Forums & Social Media Monitoring, Compromised Endpoints Detection, Chat Rooms, Marketplaces Monitoring

Mock Phish Attacks Campaign For Users & Staff, Reply Tracking, Domain Spoof & Doppelganger Testing, Mailserver Security Assessment, Network Test Against Ransomware, Awareness Training Program

Have no security and low budget / SME / Start-up

Cloud, Web, API


SAST-Source Code Scanning, Container Scanning, DAST-Run Time Vulnerabilities Scanning

Deep & Dark Web Scanning, Threat Analysis, Forums & Social Media Monitoring, Compromised Endpoints Detection, Chat Rooms, Marketplaces Monitoring

Mock Phish Attacks Campaign For Users & Staff, Reply Tracking, Domain Spoof & Doppelganger Testing, Mailserver Security Assessment, Network Test Against Ransomware,

Streamline your cybersecurity approach. Instead of engaging various vendors for MSSP or annual assessments with unacceptable terms and high costs, choose a more rational and cost-effective solution.

PenTest PRO makes business security very cheap and accessible. Don’t even have a security budget? Fill out the form, and the PenTest PRO team will start delivering five services for your business. Pay later. It’s simple.

Save More Money

Secure Business & User Data

More Trust On Staff Operation

Higher Confidence On Dev-Cycle

Quick Respond To Data Breach

PenTest PRO assures continuous cybersecurity support round the clock, offering services like 24/7 vulnerability management, compliance audits, risk profiling, application security, dark web monitoring, and social engineering assessment — all for your business.

PenTest PRO empowers businesses with visibility and insight into cyber risk exposure, making it easy to discover and prioritize vulnerabilities, threat detection and prevention, patch deployment, and asset (web, cloud, and API) management. With a customized solution and ensure patches are implemented within 3 hours of discovery.

Businesses don’t need to buy expensive security tools; PenTest PRO takes care of everything from assessment to patching and re-assessment. Choose between daily or weekly reporting for your convenience. It includes a 12-month vulnerability management service. Throughout this period, you will receive detailed reports and assistance on your business security status.

PenTest PRO streamlines and enhances compliance for businesses, minimizing audit failures, security risks, and legal issues. By aligning policies with regulations and securing assets, it boosts visibility across all environments. With discovery, reporting, and a wide range of policies, it significantly reduces manual efforts, increases security scores, and ensures continuous audit readiness.

PenTest PRO helps you avoid security risks and compliance issues by simplifying, expanding, and automating compliance for the latest mandates, including PCI-DSS 4.0, HIPAA 2023, ISO-27001, CCPA, GDPR, PSD2, CISA, and many more.

PenTest PRO helps businesses to build secure products/apps for users, which saves money in the long run. PenTest PRO makes it possible by performing various assessments, including SAST, DAST, Dependency Scanning, Pattern Matching, and Threat Modeling at appliction development phase. Real-time SAST protection helps developers secure code as it’s being written. It looks for things like weak spots and mistakes in the code that could be bad for security.

Then, it gives the developers a detailed report about the risks found. So, developers can fix these issues and keep their applications and users safe.

PenTest PRO analyzes thousands of internet forums using AI classifiers and advanced analysis models such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) to uncover leaked data and detect relevant attack discussions. It evaluate risks, vulnerabilities, and malicious exploitation related to executives, brands, customers, and vendors and shares reports with expert advice on enhancing security operations.

PenTest PRO enables businesses, by sharing data like cybercrime forum mentions, marketplaces, and chat rooms, to understand the context of cyberattacks and receive alerts to be acted upon promptly.

PenTest PRO assists businesses in continuous assessment through simulated phishing attacks to check how well their staff and users can handle cybersecurity threats and security awareness program by providing guidance and training. This way, they can identify and stop any social engineering attacks early on.

PenTest PRO offers a tailor awareness program for each department in a business to help them identify attacks according to their operations, and executive-level reporting gives visibility into entire organization’s security awareness performance with insights into correlated training and phishing simulation data over any specified period of time.

simple, impactful, and accessible to every startup from YC, Techstars and others...

Cybersecurity Solution As A Service With 90 Days Money Back Guarantee

Key Benefits

Single Team

5 Services

Your Terms

Proactive Risk Management

Risk Monitoring and Control

Actual Insight

Robust Security Posture

Data and User Scanning, Monitoring and Reporting

Regulatory Framework Analysis

Pay For Quality

Alternative To MSSP

Employee Assessment and Awareness Training

Hundreds of Tools To Scan

Executive Reporting

Define Terms, Set Pricing, Generate Summary on Demand

Simple & Single Contract To Start and To End

Risk Free Product Release

happy business

Subscribing to PenTest PRO a month before its official release was great for us. In the 29 days since, we have received thorough assessments and app security reports and can proudly say that this was a great decision for our data security.
Grant McCall
Founder, Rounded LLC

PenTest PRO will help your business become:

A business that has an on-demand 24/7 security team for a year with no recurring fee.

A business that sets it’s own terms in service agreements.

A business that pays for quality, not for working hours.

A business that provides data security confidence to its users and partners.

A business that grows globally, wins a reputation with compliance certification, and maintains a complete risk profile.

A business that uses its staff as a cyberforce.

A business that has a mature security posture.

I Need More Information!

What is PenTest PRO?

PenTest PRO is the flagship offer of Cyber Espial. PenTest PRO is the solution to the security challenges businesses face when they want to implement cybersecurity, but due to high fees, tough contract terms, unrealistic results, and no foreseeing of cyber strategy, businesses can’t adopt the best services. PenTest PRO is a Subscribe Now and Pay Later package that helps businesses set their terms and pay for results when they want. It consists of five premium and most-demanded cybersecurity services to help businesses secure their users, data, and people.

What is the major reason to add five services in PenTest PRO?

Businesses often face budget constraints when engaging vendors for vulnerability management, audits, training, and cybersecurity rules. Hiring multiple vendors for fragmented services doesn’t lead to a robust security program. Some businesses struggle to identify the right services for secure internet growth beyond vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

Every business needs assessments and management for its web, cloud, and APIs to identify gaps in business infrastructure. Audits for compliance policies, security analysis of apps, and detection of sensitive data are essential. Assessing staff cybersecurity maturity is crucial for secure business operations. These services are vital throughout a business’s lifespan.

PenTest PRO addresses these challenges by allowing businesses to set pricing within their budget. Recognizing the need for five essential services, PenTest PRO provides flexible payment options, ensuring businesses receive the security they require.

What to do before subscribing to PenTest PRO

Before you subscribe to PenTest PRO, think about this: Do you want a full cybersecurity solution for your business with five services, all on your own terms? If the answer is yes, then go ahead and subscribe!

You’ll see the form. Fill it out, add your name, business email address, company name, and website URL, choose the right plan according to your business category, and submit it.

What to do after subscribing to PenTest PRO?

You don’t need to do anything. PenTest PRO will do everything.

Don’t worry if you don’t have security engineers on your staff to properly patch the vulnerability. Our team will help your developers step by step.

After subscribing to PenTest PRO, a team of cybersecurity researchers will work for your business. They’ll find weaknesses in cloud, web, and APIs. You’ll get a detailed report with guidance on fixing any vulnerabilities. The first report comes within a week. You’ll get regular daily/weekly/monthly reports for 12 months.

The team will initially focus on vulnerability assessments and management. Another team will audit your business to create a risk profile. They’ll also write security and privacy policies, helping you get compliance certifications. Software experts will review your code to find and fix security issues early on, saving you money.

The team monitors the deep and darkweb for any leaked data related to your business, tracks the cause, and reports it. Audits, app security, and dark web monitoring happen simultaneously every month, and reports arrive as each finishes.

Your employees and users ability to handle phishing attacks will be tested, turning them into a proactive force.

How to start with PenTest PRO?

Choose the plan according to your business industry and requirements. If you’re a startup, you can choose a startup or SME plan. Or you can choose an enterprise plan if you’re looking for more advanced security. Then hit the subscription button to fill out the form with the required details. As soon as we’ve received your details, you’ll receive an email with a link to schedule a call to discuss your requirements with an expert.

What are the key business benefits I'lll get after subscribing to PenTest PRO?

If you subscribe to Pentest PRO, a team of cybersecurity experts will manage your business’s cybersecurity. You’ll receive 24/7 vulnerability management for your cloud, web, and APIs. They’ll provide detailed reports on vulnerabilities with origin, proof, risk levels, and remediation guides. This is cost-effective, especially for small businesses without security staff, saving up to 75% compared to hiring an MSSP annually.

For compliance audits and business risk profiling, Pentest PRO is beneficial for global business growth and meeting regulatory certifications. In application development, code scanning ensures secure releases, saving costs on post-release bug fixing. Conducting mock cyberattacks and users & staff training enhances internal security. In cases of data leaks, Pentest PRO provides expertise in discovering, responding to, and analyzing leaked data, saving on forensic analysis expenses.

You have the flexibility to define your terms and pay for quality to secure your business confidently.

What does PenTest PRO helps me avoid?

PenTest PRO helps you avoid:

Hiring multiple vendors,

Signing contracts with irrational terms,

Paying higher fees,

Purchasing expensive security tools,

Hiring internal staff for security management,

Dealing with global compliance issues,

Having an immature security posture,

And receiving vague reporting.