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Cyber Espial specialises in protecting the most valuable digital data and reporting security critical vulnerabilities before hackers exploit them…



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Cyber Espial

Cyber Espial Pvt Ltd. is a legally registered cyber-security business founded by cybersecurity professionals, vCISOs, and SOC team leaders with the objective of safeguarding the most valuable digital data for companies and governments on computers, web applications, email servers, mobile, and network devices. Cyber espial primarily focus on reporting vulnerabilities that aren’t patched and can help hackers gain access to the system.

CyberEspial has a has a solid track record of identifying zero-day and n-day vulnerabilities and has alerted companies and governments to hundreds of such flaws before they were exploited by cybercriminals, hacktivists, and state-sponsored hackers. Every day, the CyberEspial team collaborates with corporate internal security teams and government CIRT/CERT to protect digital data. 

Our Services

Web & Network Penetration Testing

Cyber Espial offers Web and Network Penetration Testing services to Small and mid-sized businesses. Cyber Espial Team pentest by using unique and more advanced attacker’s methods and dig more deeper to find multiple attack surfaces. Cyber espial also validate security patches so secuirty engineers have complete knowledge of which vulnerability have been fixed and which is unpatched.

Red Team

Cyber Espial researchers act as a (black hat hacker) red team to find all possible ways of attacking a company and then perform a real cyber attack most relevant to client industry so they can check efficiency of their cyber defence and validate effectiveness of detection and response capabilities. Our red teamers work side by side with company blue team to set better cyber-defence. 

Email Security

Emails are the number one source of business communication. Also emails are the number one source of attacks for cyber-criminals. 90% cyber-attacks start with emails because no one validates either they receive email from a valid source or by criminals. To run a secure business it is necessary to know what are the vulnerabilities associated with your business’s emails, mailing servers and how your staff could stop cyber-attack on initial stage. Cyber Espial helps businesses with securing their emails and mailing servers and set security protocols to stop spear, spoof, phishing, impersonation attacks and malicious emails so our client have a secure communication line with staff, executives, accountants and users. And we make sure every email they received must be from safe, trustworthy and authentic source.

Cyber Espial Premium Service Package For Medium Size Company


Hiring a full time CISO for your company might increase company’s expenses. Our Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) is able to perform same level of task that you expect from CISO from evaluating security program, identifying unknown vulnerabilities via web & network pentesting, evaluate which data is more sensitive, security risk management, implementing IAM policies, physical security standards, GDPR and PCI compliances management, testing of incident response plan, third-party vendors, security of hosts, endpoints, mobile, network, cloud and data center, security awareness training, to weekly reporting in one single service package within two months and you’ll have 70% control on your company’s cyber security.

If you’re Not Sure What is cyber-security state of your company or which of our services you should use. You can contact us and talk with our cyber-security consultant for free via Email, WhatsApp, phone call or a video call.

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A word from those who know us

Cyber Espial's cybersecurity researchers informed us about security vulnerabilities in our company's server and they provided an excellent and detailed report. Cyber Espial helped us to take better remediation steps to minimize cyber threat and risk up to 75%. I would definitely recommend Cyber Espial to companies which have a medium budget for cybersecurity and wants to deal with n-day vulnerabilities.
Nasir Sultan
Founder & CEO @NetlusLifts
Azmat and his team at Cyber Espial have been crucial in helping us maintain a secure platform for our customers. All recommendations are clear, concise and well-researched and the communication and process are of the highest standard.
Grant McCall
Founder @Rounded
Cyber Espial identified critical vulnerabilities after penetration testing of different IPs of the company. We engaged with vCISO at Cyber Espial to establish security architecture for overall cyber-security of the company's assets. Now we've full control on company's security. I would like to add, Cyber Espial as an experienced and professional cyber-security company who knows What and How to protect from cyber-threats.
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Maria Gullick
CEO @Celcia
Hiring Cyber Espial as a freelance penetration testing company was a good choice. CE helped team in accurately finding zero-day vulnerabilities including OWASP Top 4 vulnerabilities and bring our attention to different social engineering attacks vectors.
Ted Furuta
General Manager @ Toyota
Azmat reached out to me at the end of 2020 over email with a potential security issue asking about Mozio's bug bounty program. The process was quick and painless, and the issue he found was real and worth fixing. Azmat is a true white hat in a sea of bad actors.
cyber security company in pakistan
Joseph Metzinger
Founder & CTO @Mozio-Group
We collaborate with the Cyber Espial team to conduct a webapp penetration test. Pentesters did a really good job, and they went into great detail about the impact and solution. Team not only provided us with bug reports during one pentest, but they also verified security patches during a subsequent test, which was very helpful. We heartily endorse the Cyber Espial team.
cyber security company in pakistan
David Anderson
CTO @Delico