Vulnerability Reporting Program and Refund

The Vulnerability Reporting Program is a proactive approach to assisting SME businesses in their cybersecurity by identifying all security vulnerabilities that can disrupt business operations and cause data breaches or leaks with the help of ethical hackers/bug bounty hunters. When hackers enjoy engaging with vulnerabilities identification, there’s really no limit to their capabilities and creativity in finding critical security risks to an organization. Cyber Espial please to introduce Vulnerability Reporting Program and we’re maturing it with the support of companies and cybersecurity researchers.

Cyber Espial trying to provide more and more up-front information for companies, so they easily make participation decision. We understand for the success of the companies it is important first to increase hackers trust on their disclosure. Our team helps them in legal matters with companies if they get involve deeply into systems during their testing or scanning. Companies also understand that hackers engaged with systems for good faith scanning and reporting. We helps ethical hackers to receive the true appreciation and the reward for their effort of securing the internet. We share our expertise, give them access to technology and help them in learning advance technological skills.

Cyber Espial receives raw reports from respective identifiers (ethical hackers/bug bounty hunters) using VRP, and then our cyber security team assesses those vulnerabilities by carefully evaluating the severity and risk level to determine if the vulnerability is worth reporting.

Cyber Espial understands that small businesses have some constraints when it comes to cyber security. They do not have an in-house cybersecurity team that performs regular vulnerability scans. When freelance ethical hackers or bug bounty hunters try to contact them and report vulnerabilities, they have no strategy in place. Some of our clients have reported that they can’t verify proof-of-concept (POC) when they receive disclosure due to ambiguous data, which makes it difficult for developers to patch the vulnerability as it should be, and that when they apply patch at one endpoint, the app becomes vulnerable to the second endpoint, which leads to another ethical hacker reporting to make money.

VRP is intended to help ethical hackers and small businesses overcome these challenges. We receive reports from ethical hackers, assess the severity of the identified vulnerability/vulnerabilities, and assign a CVSS score. After converting all raw and ambiguous data into a developer-understandable vulnerability report, Cyber Espial experts write a detailed report titled Vulnerability Report.

Our expert verifies POC without running a scan using the OWASP vulnerabilities documentation, exploit database, public disclosure of bug reports, and with help of the ethical hackers who reported it. After developing a comprehensive picture of the potential threat, we ensure that all complex data is written in a generic but understandable context to assist businesses. We know that at the end, there will be a developer working on the patch, so it is critical that we provide them with the best advice possible.

The Vulnerability Report includes a section titled Solution. It is not the typical recommended solution that you have read about on bug reports. We make sure to include all but the most important patch documentation with complete references so that developers can easily apply patches without wasting time looking for the right solution or relying on third-party paid solutions. VRP also assists developers by allowing the Cyber Espial team to perform a deep scan (with explicit permission from authorities) to confirm the patch and identify any new misconfigurations.

Every day, we work to make VRP more useful for businesses, so they can spend less money and resources on something critical to their digital business, namely security. and from collaborating with developers to apply the appropriate patches and verify the patches. 

VRP is a win-win for companies and hackers. companies will get more reports and therefore be more secure, while hackers will have greater reward opportunities. When outcome from companies work better and more consistently, hacker outcomes improve; the reverse is also true since improvement for one group automatically drives improvement for the other. 


VRP is a completely refundable program. If you are dissatisfied with a service for any reason, you can request a refund. If the Vulnerability Report fails to assist the company with vulnerability identification, proof of concept, and patch verification, the company may request a refund of the advance fee collected by Cyber Espial. If a refund is granted, the Cyber Espial team will notify ethical hackers of the company’s decision and, if necessary, arrange a video call meeting with the company team so ethical hackers can learn the reasons for the vulnerability rejection.

To be eligible for a refund, the company must first provide sufficient information for the report rejection and submit a written response. The response is critical because we will share it with the appropriate ethical hacker and use it to investigate the refund. Only the company bank account will be refunded, and banks can provide an accurate processing time period.

As vulnerabilities are identified by freelance ethical hackers. Cyber Espial perform assessment and provide developer support. Companies can choose alternative to refund by allowing team to full pentest for any of the three internet facing IPs.

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