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Cyber Espial

Cyber Espial Pvt Ltd is a leading cybersecurity company protecting customers from all cyber threats by leveraging their Security to stop breaches. From its inception in 2019, driven by Azmat Malik’s vision, Cyber Espial was created as a different kind of cybersecurity company with a headquarter in Pakistan and team in Dubai,  Baltimore, Coventry, Saskatoon, Brisbane and Lyon. 

Cyber Espial’s team is passionate about protecting businesses and consumers from cyber threats. We combat today’s most complex cybersecurity challenges and are constantly anticipating how to extend the value of our threat identification, prediction, and remediation to the connected world.

The term “espial” refers to the act of observing or watching carefully, implying that Cyber Espial is constantly vigilant in monitoring and securing its clients’ systems. Cyber Espial with the objective of safeguarding the most valuable digital data for companies and governments on computers, web/Mobile applications, Cloud, email servers, mobile, and network devices. Cyber espial primarily focus on early vulnerabilities reporting that aren’t patched and can help hackers gain access to the system. Cyber Espial is a company that provides cybersecurity to public and private industry throughout the world in order to counter more sophisticated cyberattacks on digital data and privacy.

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If you’re looking for a trusted partner to secure your SaaS business, Cyber Espial is here to help. Our team of experts provides comprehensive cybersecurity services, including penetration testing, network security, Red Team Assessment, Mail server security assessment, and vCISO. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you protect your business from most sophisticated cyber threats.