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This course is for those who want to learn ethical hacking not in the lab but on actual targets and earn by valid submission and reporting from companies through their bug bounty program.

Take You To the Next Level of Ethical Hacking

The instructor’s lead course will teach you the practical steps involved in the identification of security vulnerabilities in businesses’s cloud, web applications, and APIs.
The instructor will assist and train you to identify vulnerabilities in real businesses’s infrastructure using various assessment tools, help you compile your first report with POC, guide you through submission of report (via business’s Vulnerability Disclosure Program on Hackerone, Bugcrowd) and make sure you earn a bounty for your research and confidently start your career in cybersecurity.

Real Instructor Lead Training

The course will teach by an instructor who will join you via online session. No pre-recorded video course. Ability to ask as many question to learn better.

Real Targets

You’ll learn, not in the lab and on dead ports, ips and APIs, but instructor will teach you how to identify vulnerabilities from real active ips, ports, web and cloud applications.

Real Vulnerabilities

The course will help you identify real vulnerabilities in businesses’s applications, not the ones that are never found in the actual cyber world.

Real Submission And Reporting

You’ll learn the rules on How to ethically disclose vulnerabilities upon discovery to respective bodies through a vulnerability disclosure program and safe exit through safe harbour and How to professionally discuss your bounties upon valid submission.

Real Success

The course will train you enough to start your career as a freelance Pentester who finds, report vulnerabilities, and earns money from businesses as a Ethical Hacker or PenTester.

What about this course?

The goal of this course is to increase your confidence and understanding of Cloud, Web and API Ethical Hacking. We will cover the basics, essentials, and career guidance in cybersecurity. When complete, you can begin your journey as a freelance Ethical Hacker who finds and reports vulnerabilities in Web, Cloud and APIs and earns money through responsible disclosure.

Duration ------ 4 Hours/Week

Difficulty ------ Medium to Advance

Anita Guliana


Penetration Tester With 5+ Years of Experience

Jobs You Can Land With Ethical Hacking+

Ethical Hacking+ (Plus)

The main focus of this course is to:

– Train you with offensive security skills for cloud, web and API security assessment so you could start professional career in cybersecurity
– Assist you with instructor-led hands-on vulnerabilities identification/security assessment exercises on real corporate cloud, websites and APIs
– Assist you identification of high and critical level vulnerabilities in cloud, web and APIs
– Assist you with writing and submission of vulnerability report
– Assist you getting paid for the submission from businesses before waiting for you to complete the course
– Assist you with your career by offering (unpaid) 2-month internship with researchers in Cyber Espial after passing exam.

  • Identification Of Vulnerability

    The instructor will guide you How to identify a vulnerability in a real business.

  • Assistance In Report

    The instructor will teach you how to write a vulnerability report with POC and submit it to the relevant bodies for vulnerability remediation.

  • Earn Your Reward

    After your submission, if businesses accept it, you'll earn your first reward. It could be money, a gift card, or a perk. If rejected, the process will be repeated until you start earning.

  • Caeer Opportunity

    After your complete training and certification, you'll be offered an internship at Cyber Espial to polish your skills according to industry culture.

Learning path at a glance:

– Use of modern industry scanners and CLI tools for identification of vulnerabilities
– Covers everything a modern Pentester needs to know
– Includes a professional guide on Pentest Reporting
– 1:1 training session with instructor
– Assistance in identification and submission of first 2 vulnerabilities
– Assistance in earning your first bounty
– Assistance in starting freelance Pentester career.

This course is composed by the following modules

--- Cyber Espial - Ethical Hacking Course

Module 1- Introduction

Module 2- Web-application Security Assessment

Module 3- Practical

Module 4- Report Writing

Module 5- Submission / Reporting and Communication

Module 6- Negotiation Tips

Module 7- Cloud Security Assessment

Module 8- Practical

Module 9- API Security Assessment

Module 10- Practical

Module 11- Exam For Certification

Module 12-Career Guidance

Module 13- Conclusion

Course Pricing

Ethical Hacking+ Certification


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Ethical Hacking+ Certification.

Real Assessment Tools, Real Targets, Real Scenario, Real Vulnerabilities, Real Demonstration of Exploitation.