Hire Cyber Espial For Your Company Cyber Security Professional Services

As your security infrastructure becomes more complicated and you need security experts in your company who manage different aspects of security. You may need a network analyst and penetration tester to find vulnerabilities and security engieers to fix them. This is a continous process and your company can’t operate securely without security team. All this combinely increase your company monthly expenses. You are paying huge amount on monthly salaries of your security team, our Professional Services experts can help you every step of the way. We’ve accumulated many years of experience to help with your security design, website and network security, auditing, vulnerability assessment, security compliance, ISMS, and Black Box, Grey Box and White Box testing, training, implementing cyber defence and much more to keep your company on track of success by reducing your expenses on huge monthly salaries and set a tailor made security policy for you to follow for next 3 month or until the release of  new update so you don’t need any security expert. Hire Cybersecurity company, pay fixed fees for one time, get premium security services and customised security policy for a year and free on-demand services.

How We Can Help Your Company

Plan and Design

By carefully planning your security design and architecture, we can create a robust security strategy and optimize security performance by reducing downtime, errors and expenses.


The service is delivered by an expert consultant who is part of the Cyber Espial Professional Services team to manage and operate cybersecurity of your company.


By optimization services to boost security performance, minimizing exposure to emerging risks. Initiate a security assessment for a detailed security evaluation.


Custom training solutions tailored to meet the learning needs of your company and can be delivered at your site, in our labs, or remotely in a virtual classroom.


Cyber Espial’s Cybersecurity Resilience Test will assess and improve the defensive capability of your business against cyber attacks using the latest technologies.

Plan and Design

Your security infrastructure needs frequent updating so you can adapt to changing threats. Whether you need to design a new topology or plan for a new project, our professional cybersecurity services experts have the right experience to start your project off right. Armed with this information, you can deliver more effective security with predictable costs and time scales.

Build a Robust Security Architecture

Align your security network with business goals

Validate Security Rules and Policies​

Perform a thorough security configuration review, including software version and platform validation

Project Planning and Management

Keep your project on time and on budget with regular status updates

Plan and design a flexible, robust security platform that will optimize your security operations into the future and maximize your return on investment.

Save time, resources and money on unnecessary operations

Optimize your security performance

Future planning and design review

Security configuration validation

Rule base optimization

Meet project timelines and goals


The LongTerm Consultant provides a flexible suite of services to assist end users and partners with tasks and deliverables. Essentially, the LongTerm Consultant will become an extension of the your cyber security team.

The Challenge

IT Security Administrators need the type of technical support that goes beyond a break-fix solution. A dedicated LongTerm Consultant with a deep level of technical expertise, product knowledge and industry experience will be assigned. They will guarantee all your products are configured for optimal performance and provide consistent guidance.

The Service

Your dedicated LongTerm Consultant can perform following activities but not limited to:

Design and architecture cyber security

Support compliances, Auditing, Risk Monitoring

Configuring and Maintaining your security environment at best practices levels

Enablement and tuning of software blades

Framing/Changing security policy

Review of high severity/critical vulnerabilities to ensure proper handling and attention


Periodic optimization of your security infrastructure will help you detect and prevent more threats and lower the total cost of ownership on previous security investments. Our Smart Optimize service boosts security performance while minimizing exposure to emerging risks. Or, choose a security assessment to receive a detailed performance evaluation and recommendations to address coverage gaps.


Smart Optimize

  • Rulebase Optimization
  • SecureXL Policy Optimization
  • Database Objects Optimization
  • Anti-Spoofing on Gateways
  • System Health Check
  • IPS Protections Review
  • Policy Risk Analysis 
  • Logged Rules Analysis
  • On-Site Optimization



Security Assessment

  • ThirdParty Risk Assessment
  • Compliance Review
  • VPN Access Configuration Review
  • Operating System Review
  • Network & Web Vulnerability Assessment
  • CPU Specifications Review
  • Rulebase Consolidation
  • Parameters that Need Attention
  • Hardware-Scalability Issues



CyberEspial professional security expert train your staff to identify cyber attack on first stage and guide them to fight back at the right time before being the victim by training on-site or virtually.

After training along with many other key area your company will be able to:

Counter phishing attacks and social engineering

Expertise to security policies

Scan web & network vulnerabilities

Manage Risk

Counter third party attack

Manage network and web security


Prevention is better than incident response efforts because after cyber attack IR team can’t catch criminal but they definitely charge their fee. Cyber Espial protect a company from a cyber incident by implementing right solution and validating security fixes through series of penetration testing. 

Our expert can perform series of checklist to cover major area but not limited to:

IP monitoring

IAM policy rule

Data backup and recovery

Time-to-time network auditing/monitoring

Patch management

Ensure endpoint protection