Penetration Testing Services Brief

Assessing and reducing risk across on-premise and cloud environments has become complex and cumbersome, often requiring significant time and manual effort to aggregate, analyze and prioritize a flood of alerts. Practitioners are often forced to context switch between multiple tools and translate security findings into meaningful risk metrics that the business can understand. As a result, teams are struggling with blind spots resulting from gaps in data or too much noise being surfaced without the ability to effectively prioritize remediation efforts and drive accountability across the organization.

Penetration Test provides the visibility and context needed to track total risk across your entire attack surface to better understand organizational risk posture and trends. With a complete view of risk across your hybrid environments, teams can effectively communicate risk across the organization and track progress made in reducing risk. By establishing a consistent definition of risk across your organization you can take a data-driven approach to decision making, capacity planning and driving accountability for risk reduction across the entire business.

Easily assess and communicate your overall risk posture

Provides an overarching view of organizational risk by aggregating and normalizing risk scores from cloud and on-premise assessments.

Identify where your risk is coming from

Enables users to drill down and filter risks by specific attributes or resource types, uncovering trends and correlations that help identify problem areas across their environment.

Understand what matters to the leadership and organization

Leverage dynamic filtering to scope risk assessment based on business context, helping prioritize remediation efforts based on what matters most to the organization.

Drive accountability and track progress across teams

Gain an understanding of organizational risk across your on-premise and cloud environments, ensuring leadership has complete visibility into what their teams are seeing and the progress they’re making in remediating risk.

About Cyber Espial

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