Strengthening Security for an Australian Business Loan SaaS Company 'Prospa'

Introduction: Prospa Group Limited is an innovative Australian SaaS provider that offers a loan management platform for SMEs. As a part of their efforts to maintain the trust of their customers and comply with industry standards, Prospa engaged Cyber Espial to conduct a comprehensive assessment (Penetration Testing) of their IT infrastructure to identify potential vulnerabilities and assess their security posture.


Challenges: Prospa faced the challenge of balancing their cybersecurity measures with the need to keep up with the latest technological advancements. They were also worried about the impact of cyber-attacks on their business reputation and client confidentiality, especially given the sensitivity of the data they handle.

Solution: Our cybersecurity team conducted a thorough assessment of Prospa’s IT infrastructure, which included penetration testing, vulnerability scans, and code review. Our team also consulted with the company to understand their specific requirements and risk profile.

Based on our findings, we provided Prospa with a detailed report that outlined the identified vulnerabilities, along with actionable recommendations for remediation in easy-to-developer patch guide. We also provided a roadmap for future security improvements.

Results: Our assessment helped Prospa identify and remediate security vulnerabilities, strengthening their overall security posture. This, in turn, improved their compliance with relevant industry standards and reduced the risk of cyber-attacks. Additionally, Prospa was able to leverage our roadmap to prioritize future security improvements.

Conclusion: Our cybersecurity team has the expertise to assist Australian SaaS companies such as Prospa in identifying potential security risks and vulnerabilities and providing customized remediation plans. With our support, Prospa has strengthened their security posture, improved compliance with industry standards, and reduced their risk of cyber-attacks. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive cybersecurity services.

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