Protecting the Integrity of Digital Surveys: A Cybersecurity Use Case for a UK-based SmartSurvey

Introduction: Our client is a UK-based digital survey solution company, SmartSurvey that helps businesses collect customer feedback through mobile and web-based surveys. The company’s web-based survey platform is used by hundreds of businesses worldwide, making it essential to ensure the platform’s security and protection of their client’s data. Cyber Espial perform a security assessment of their web-based survey platform and identify potential vulnerabilities.

Challenges: One of the major challenges in securing the company’s web-based survey platform was ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of the data collected through the surveys. As the platform collected sensitive data, including customer feedback and personal information, ensuring its protection from unauthorized access was paramount. Additionally, the platform’s popularity made it a prime target for cyber-attacks, including SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and other types of vulnerabilities.

Solution: To address these challenges, we conducted a comprehensive security assessment (Penetration Testing) of the platform and identified vulnerabilities that could potentially compromise the platform’s security. Our team utilized a combination of manual and automated testing techniques to identify these vulnerabilities. We then provided the client with detailed reports on the vulnerabilities identified, including their severity and recommendations on how to remediate them.

We also provided the client with customized recommendation on secure coding practices to ensure the developers addressed the vulnerabilities in a timely and effective manner. This helped the client’s development team understand the importance of secure coding practices and how to identify potential vulnerabilities in their code.

Results: As a result of our efforts, the client was able to patch the vulnerabilities identified during the assessment, significantly improving the security of their web-based survey platform. The SmartSurvey’s customers can now use the platform with confidence, knowing that their data is secure and protected from unauthorized access.

In addition to improving the security of the client’s platform, our security assessment also helped the company understand the importance of regular security assessments and secure coding practices. The client now prioritizes security in their development process, ensuring the continued security of their platform in the future.

Conclusion: Our security assessment and training services helped the UK-based digital survey solution, SmartSurvey company secure their web-based survey platform and protect their customer’s data. By identifying and addressing potential vulnerabilities, we enabled the client to enhance their security posture and prioritize security in their development process. Our approach to security testing, which combines manual and automated testing techniques, enabled us to identify and address potential vulnerabilities effectively. We are committed to helping businesses like this client improve their security posture and safeguard their data.

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