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بِسْمِ ٱللَّٰهِ ٱلرَّحْمَٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ
سُبْحَان اللهِ وَالْحَمْدُلِلّهِ وَلا إِلهَ إِلّااللّهُ وَاللّهُ أكْبَرُ


Our pen test services simulate real-life attacks to uncover vulnerabilities in your websites, applications, and more, often missed with simple scanning solutions. 

Detect and Patch vulnerabilities to Protect business from adversaries.

Our reports clearly detail cyber security vulnerabilities in your infrastructure that could be exploited by hackers. Working with you as a partner we will recommend and resolve issues discovered. 

We are a Asian registered and certified company ready to deliver global pen test services to meet compliance needs globally.

Trusted SaaS cybersecurity partner

Our pentest help you accurately identify, investigate and prioritize vulnerabilities. Secure your web/mobile app, cloud, network, and traditional IT assets.

As your business grows, attack surface evolves, you need a vulnerability assessment partner that helps you with business cybersecurity


Take advantage of our exceptional Web Application Pentest, meticulously crafted based on methodologies perfected by the industry’s largest vulnerability research team to provides comprehensive and accurate vulnerability assessment.

Take charge of your Mobile App cybersecurity with our comprehensive Mobile App Security Assessment. Safeguard your mobile applications against cyber threats while accelerating app development and deployment without compromising on security standards.

Take control of your network security program with our Network Security Assessment, designed to empower your organization with robust cyber defenses. With threat detection and risk prioritization, you gain actionable insights to fortify network against cyber threats.

Take control of your AWS and Azure cloud security with our Cloud Security Assessment low-impact cloud agentless scanning, automated threat detection and risk prioritization. Accelerate Cloud Adoption without compromising security standards.


Penetration Testing

premium Penetration Testing

No. of Web Application Pentest

No. of Sub-Domain or IP

No. of Mobile App Pentest

Compliance Audit Assistance

DarkWeb Monitoring

Code Review

Social Engineering Assessment

Cloud Security Assessment/Pentest

GAP Analysis & Action Plan

Custom Risk Management Plan

Custom Mail Server Audit

Network Security Audit/Pentest


Executive Pentest Report

Remediation Guidance eBook

Code Review Analysis Report

Social Engineering Assessment Report

DarkWeb Monitoring Report

Compliance Audit Assistance Guide

Cloud Security Assessment Report

GAP Analysis Plan Guidebook

Custom Risk Management Plan

Staff Awareness Self learned custom course

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Get a Firsthand experience of our expertise and services

Get a Free Custom penetration test report for your web and mobile application.

Analyzing vulnerabilities identified during the scan enables businesses to determine whether a full-scale penetration test is necessary.

request free Penetration test scan

To learn the maturity of current data security model

To compliance check against policies and procedures violation

to understand internal and external data accessibility risks

To check if your business is actually vulnerable to cyber risk

To get insights into operational and dev-cycle vulnerabilities

to forecast business damages against cyber-attack and data-breach

to evaluate if your iT environment need a comprehensive full scale penetration test engagement

Our Promises

Precise protection at​ every connection

We’ve got you covered. From tactical fixes to long-term security programs, helping you defend every point.​

Our investment in your success.​

Unleash innovation without the obstacle of cyber threats with our global threat intelligence.

More than a solution. A partner.​

You’re not alone on your security journey. We help you prepare for, or even face a crisis together.

Why Choose

Cyber Espial?

Fast, Scalable Tests

Launch tests in days, not weeks. Findings flow directly into your dev and security processes for rapid remediation.

Higher Impact Results

Meet and surpass compliance goals and go beyond them when needed by incentivizing pentesters for results.

Deep Configurability

Count on a pentester team built for your precise needs, and mix-and-match test types, methodologies, durations, and models.

Use the right pentesters and tools

We combine human-driven testing by a curated team, the latest scanners, and custom tooling to get the high-impact results you want.

“CYBER ESPIAL’s team has played a crucial role in fortifying our platform’s security for our valued customers. Their recommendations have been nothing short of exceptional – clear, concise, and well-researched. The level of communication and their meticulous processes are of the highest standard, ensuring a seamless and effective collaboration. We are truly grateful for their expertise and dedication to safeguarding our business.”

Grant McCall

CEO and Founder at Rounded

Cost Effective Solutions

tailored comprehensive solutions

Robust, Trusted, Expertise

technology partner with Elite players

unmatched cybersecurity excellence

Expert Cyber Strategists

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